Treating both your symptoms and cell efficiency is how we are so often able to provide good treatment based in science…but here is what you must realize first:

Significant improvement in the quality of your life can happen by making a few simple changes with professional guidance in your diet and lifestyle and adding special combinations of good treatment systems.

When we first began intensely treating chronic pain & neuropathy patients in 2008, we knew that improving their underlying or “metabolic” health—especially how cells process energy—had to help improve many patients’ peripheral neuropathy and other forms of nerve damage or chronic pain.

Of course, there are some patients we cannot help.

But we do find that even in patients with genetic or other extremely difficult-to-treat cases, significant improvement in the quality of life can happen by making a few simple changes and adding special combinations of good treatments.

Our nervous system is made up of billions of cells called neurons. Neurons are highly sensitive to their own environmental changes; things like long-term oxygen starvation due to cigarette smoking, or carrying around too much body weight for too long.

Our society is now developing diabetes at alarming rate, in younger and younger age groups. This is largely due to poor food and lifestyle choices. We are also living longer, as a byproduct of better infection control, better chemotherapy drugs, and surgeries.

These things all bring with them increased chances for developing chronic and painful conditions such as peripheral neuropathy.

The reason for this is, all of the things I mentioned here today will affect how our body processes energy—leading to the development of many disorders and for some, peripheral neuropathy.

Wherever possible, helping to restore energy efficiency to cells can make a tremendous difference in many patients with so many different issues

That is why our home and clinic treatment programs include better nutrition and body components—and just as important, improving both your symptoms and cell efficiency by adding therapies such as neurostimulation, laser, and often with nutritional prescriptions and targeted, personalized supplementation.

Remember, there is NO substitute for personalized, comprehensive care plans. And in this day and age these are easier and more affordable than ever.

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