Let’s talk about your health and vitamin B2. Do know what a vitamin is? By definition, a vitamin is something our bodies can’t make on their own so we must get from our diet. This also means vitamins are essential to life!

Deficiencies, poor absorption, or, sometimes just low vitamin levels due to diet and illnesses can make us feel just lousy. But sometimes they can make us sick—or even kill us!

Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is a key player in neuropathy treatment too! This yellowish substance is easily destroyed by light. It’s found in leafy vegetables, almonds, beans and peas, organ meats, and mushrooms.  This is really important in neuropathy treatment, because B2 is a key co-factor.

Co-factors are non-protein chemicals that bind to or join up with larger molecules in the body to make them work. And in this case, the vitamin B2 co factors called FAD and FMN are responsible for a wide variety of key body functions. This is crucial universally but especially for neuropathy patients, because FAD and FMN help us burn or metabolize our food efficiently.

Although we need only a little every day, not getting enough, or not absorbing it due to intestinal issues can cause symptoms ranging from fatigue, to cracked scaly skin, and inflammation of the mouth and tongue.

In fact, one of the classic signs of deficiency is what’s called angular chelosis—where cracks appear at the corner of your mouth. This is critical to be aware of, because neuropathy can be associated with intestinal diseases, and things like colitis and alcohol abuse. Diabetes (so often part of neuropathy), heart disease, and taking some medications, including birth control pills, can raise the need for this key nutrient.

Higher doses of riboflavin are used to treat migraines and even some eye diseases. In neuropathy and pain treatment, we find B2 or riboflavin supplementation is often needed to provide maximum health benefits. As we have discussed many times before, our preferred general diet supplement is the fully balanced multi-nutrient available in our office or on-line called Metabolic Support Formula.

Lastly, always remember the foundation of good nutrition is obtained by following the free NeuropathyDR Diet Plan. This diet and lifestyle will also help you immensely to feel and look your very best!


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