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NeuropathyDR World Conferences put you BACK In Charge Of Your Health!


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Dr. Hayes and his Team of Experts in Guide You Through This Worldwide on-line conference…

*Limited to just 250 Participants







In This Very Rare LIVE RECORDED Event You Will Learn First Hand EXACTLY  Why Neuropathy & Fibromyalgia (which often IS a Neuropathy) and Chronic Pain Now Afflict Hundreds of Millions of People!

We’ll Explore in Depth

1. what are the known causes some people don’t want you to know…

2. why are there so many more new cases and why this is actually MANY diseases

3. which treatments hold promise and which ones waste your time and money





1. why endlessly Searching for the Exact cause without acting is very Dangerous!

2. the PRECISE Tests you need to be sure are done…

3. which Diagnostic Tests Help- Which Contribute Little or Nothing




What You Can Start Doing Today to have less pain, Better Sleep and Take Back Control of Your Life!

Dr Hayes Outlines This Based Upon The Latest Neuroscience on How To STOP this DANGEROUS Cycle once and for all!


You Will be part of an Hour + Long International Event



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