It’s also important to understand that good peripheral neuropathy treatment has timing.

One of the key things for both clinicians and patients both to understand is that there is no one-size-fits-all neuropathy treatment.

There is no substitute for a thorough examination.

In some cases, pain is the chief component. And in others it’s weakness and general loss of balance. Still others, like those suffering from genetic neuropathies have profound weakness.

This is why the most effective neuropathy treatments are administered by clinicians who are trained and familiar with the various forms of peripheral neuropathy.

It’s also important to understand that good peripheral neuropathy treatment has timing. For example many patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy have all the things we just mentioned. Try to treat too much too soon, and the neuropathy treatment backfires.

And it does not make a difference here whether we’re talking about drug or physical therapy.

That’s why we are huge advocates of neuropathy patients being fully informed, and making good decisions with your clinicians.

Your neuropathy treatment clinician should have a variety of treatment methods at their disposal. They should also willingly work with others who may have been involved in your care. It is also imperative that you are working towards measurable and well-defined treatment goals.

For example in the NeuropathyDR® treatment centers we establish firm parameters that we will re-measure to make sure that patients have achieved the outcomes we have set timelines for.

We find this is crucial to good neuropathy treatment and recovery. Unless clinicians and patients both know what you’re trying to achieve, good results are often impossible!

So what can you do to help? First and foremost understand the rationale behind any suggested treatment, whether it be physical therapy, laser and electrotherapy, or drugs.

Secondly always make sure you are doing your part.

Do not neglect, nor let any doctor tell you your lifestyle does not have a significant impact on the best neuropathy treatment available.

Everything from your attitude, stretching, diet, and complementary therapies has a huge impact in your quality-of-life.

And because you’re reading this, I know you already understand!

Remember, we are here for you.

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