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Some of the comments we get from neuropathy patients, and the docs and physical therapists who apply to NeuropathyDR, include things like, “What makes your neuropathy treatment different?”, or “I know about (a certain device); I have one…”, or “No one can help that type of neuropathy…” or the best without anything to support the comment “That Neuropathy Treatment Does Not Work…” Here is why NeuropathyDR so often works. If you have been reading our weekly articles, you know neuropathy is more than a single disease or condition. Neuropathy is part of diabetes about 60% of the time, and neuropathy occurs in certain forms of cancer drug therapy and for many more reasons.

But what most fascinates us as doctors is, every patient, even with similar diagnoses, responds differently! When we study the science, we know why this is so.

Different types of neuropathy attack different parts of the nerve cells; the ones damaged or impaired in neuropathy. Some affect the nerve cell body, some affect the long slender axons, and essential nutrients and toxins not being moved around in the cell as they do in healthy nerves even cause some neuropathies.

NeuropathyDR clinicians are trained to use their skills and training to provide each piece of the treatment puzzle. We spend a lot of time on the phone with our clinics, helping them solve tough cases.

Some of us have gone way beyond the training all our clinicians get, and spent many more hours obtaining Board Certification.

The most exciting part? Good neuropathy treatments may actually stimulate cells to repair. Some electric therapy forms and even laser neuropathy treatments are extraordinarily encouraging!

But, almost never does just ONE part of treatment help neuropathy patients for long. Especially if it’s a single product, usually pills or salves promoted to patients on-line!

So, the next time you are tempted to say, “I tried that neuropathy thing and it did not work,” remember that, unless everything is done that CAN be, like the comprehensive approach our team doctors use your neuropathy treatment results will likely not be as good as they could be!

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