Why does my food taste so bland? Unfortunately, too many people are used to highly processed and salted foods, so their healthy diet may initially taste bland.

One of the things that we hear very often when getting patients to shift their diets is how to make fresh food taste great. Unfortunately, too many people are used to highly processed and salted foods. When we consume these foods over long periods of time, our taste buds often need adjustment when we begin to eat better.

Another factor of which a lot of neuropathy patients are unaware of is that good digestion begins in our mouths. It is important to understand especially as we consume more vegetables and complex carbohydrates that properly chewing of our food actually begins good digestion.

The good news is that proper digestion can actually make you feel a whole lot better!

Very often, in the neuropathy treatment clinic we see patients that have been diagnosed with chronic G.I. issues. This can include things like ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, or worse.

What we are eating is more important than you think!

Very often, these digestive issues are related to stress and years of poor diet.

It if you watch enough television or read enough magazines you would almost think this is normal.

The truth of the matter is that shifting your diet to more whole foods can result in some amazing changes, not the least of which is improvement in neuropathy symptoms. Of course, this is not the entire picture and all underlying neuropathy causes must be treated.

However, when neuropathy treatment patients shift their diets they often start to feel better than they have in years!

The reason for this is simple. Whole foods contain more water, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are also high in critical antioxidants and other very important factors like the minerals sulfur and magnesium.



Consumption of specific vegetables like asparagus on a regular basis may even help your body detoxify faster and more efficiently.

One of keys to #paincontrol & #neuropathytreatment success is gradually improving your lifestyle and diet. Take advantage of all the information we have regarding food preparation.

In particular, listen to our radio interview with natural food chef and TV host Andrea Beaman. Andrea and I discussed together value of learning to use proper spices, as well as consuming local and fresh produce, wherever possible. You’ll find our nutrition plan HERE

One final word on diet and neuropathy treatment.

Make sure any dietary changes are done gradually.  And if you have any questions at all consult us personally!

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