Perhaps the most difficult thing for neuropathy treatment patients is deciding what to do.

Like so many things in life, taking the first step is the most difficult.

And unfortunately, for many patients with peripheral neuropathy this is extremely difficult. That’s because of the lack of knowledge that appropriate initial care can help you do much better!

For example early intervention such as stopping cigarette smoking, getting weight and getting blood sugar under control before diabetes frankly develops are two of the most common neuropathy prevention and treatment strategies that can be implemented immediately.

You see, neuropathy is often a “condition” rather than a disease, which accompanies other healthcare problems. And as we have written about before, many of these neuropathies possess common underlying features. (There are of course exceptions like the hereditary neuropathies.)

How is your lifestyle affecting your neuropathy treatment?

But perhaps the most difficult thing for neuropathy treatment patients is deciding what to do. A lot of this of course has to do with the amount of misinformation regarding neuropathy treatment.

Many patients are not aware of the full impact of their lifestyle’s, diet, and even medication usage on the ultimate progression of this very debilitating condition.

Yes, the state of neuropathy treatment today demands a high degree of awareness and knowledge on the part of the patient.

Unfortunately, many physicians are still unfamiliar with some of the most common causes of peripheral neuropathy. This includes some of the medications that are often prescribed for other conditions.

Some doctors are still trained that when the nervous system is damaged the only tool they have at their disposal is medication help the patient’s symptoms.

They are likewise unaware that some therapies that we apply at home and in the clinic can have an oftentimes dramatic, positive effect on neuropathy treatments.

Combined treatment therapies including nutrition and metabolic rehab, the use of massage, manual spinal treatment, application devices such as the NDGen and laser are now at their disposal.

Keep in mind however the only person really qualified to help you take those first steps is someone with extensive experience in the multiple options available to peripheral neuropathy patients.

So make your choices very carefully.

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