Effective neuropathy treatment begins with a very thorough assessment by a highly trained clinician.

The “second approach” to neuropathy treatment, which we are using successfully in over 50 NeuropathyDR Treatment Centers, is to attempt to correct the actual health of your nerves wherever this is possible.

Now some doctors are not even aware this is possible! But, many times it is! That’s what I first wrote about in my book Beating Neuropathy  in the “Forward for Your Doctor”.

We have been proving how well this approach can work time and time again since 2009 and will shortly be publishing 100 case study results from our clinics!

We said last time that your structural health is evaluated and treated whenever possible.

What are you eating to help your neuropathy?

Next your diet and nutrition status, testing and supplementation are addressed.

Finally, after very carefully assessing your condition we most often begin gentle applications of physical therapy modalities commonly including neurostimulation to quiet your symptoms without drugs.

In our clinics, we actually outfit you with a special home care kit that you’ll co-treat yourself with at home.

Our NeuropathyDR home care kit is particularly useful for your nights, weekends and breakthrough pain. Many times patients can reduce then sometimes eliminate the medications, which can have a huge effect on living a normal lifestyle.

The key takeaway for neuropathy patients here?

At NeuropathyDR Treatment Centers, we won’t just try and numb your symptoms. And we will gladly work personally with all your physicians and help with your financial needs too.

In our opinion, and our experience, effective neuropathy treatment begins with a very thorough assessment by a highly trained clinician who is looking to treat all components of your neuropathy and not just symptoms whenever it’s possible.

Why not find out if the same approach is possible for you?

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