You Won’t Hear This Advice From Many Doctors, But This One Factor May Change Your Health For Good.

The consumption of dairy products has always been a highly charged topic in nutrition. Here is the hard truth about dairy.

On the one hand, there is a sizable lobby advocating for the U.S. dairy industry. On the other hand, there is overwhelming scientific evidence that regular, especially heavy consumption of dairy products is a pretty bad idea for most human beings.

In short, if you are wrestling with whether to include milk and other dairy products in your diet, any contemplation of this question leads to a straightforward conclusion.

More than half of the human population has trouble digesting milk, leading to digestion problems, allergic reactions to name just a few.

What’s worse, there is a hormonal growth factor (IGF -1) contained in most dairy products that may  promote some types of cancer, including prostate  and breast cancer.

All of this means that a diet that eliminates regular consumption of dairy (as well as gluten from grains like wheat) is one of the most effective ways to reduce inflammation and possibly the symptoms associated with neuropathy and chronic pain.

It’s best to make a gradual shift in your diet so that the changes you instill can be permanent. There are many dairy alternatives out there, including products made from coconut, rice, and almonds. Just watch out for any added sugar or thickening agents like carrageenan.

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