Neuropathy Treatments That Really Work

Neuropathy Treatments That Really Work

Which neuropathy treatments may really work? Well, that so often depends upon what’s going on “underneath”. Which is why it is SO important to have a very comprehensive diagnostic work up FIRST. Guess work and internet “magic” fads are just plain dangerous.

Peripheral Neuropathy is the term used for the group of conditions that affect those nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.

Along with other forms of long standing pain, neuropathy is a major source of aggravation and loss of work. Billions of dollars a year are spent dealing with the devastation it can bring.

Twenty million plus people suffer from this condition, with several thousand new patients every year. And if we count the people who suffer from daily pain, that number well exceeds one hundred million.

There are many causes. The most common is in fact lifestyle related due to lack of fitness, obesity and metabolic syndrome.These also bring along the complications of their causes like diabetes or cancer. The most serious are genetic diseases.

And here lies the secret answer to better helping our neuropathy patients! The best treatments target the underlying problems whenever that is possible! And where it’s not, looking at legitimate studies and evidence to support a rational plan of care for you.

I know you understand how miserable life with neuropathy can be because you are reading this article. Maybe it’s for yourself, maybe it’s for someone you love very much.

You have seen just how miserable it can be! For some, its loss of sleep and being able to do the things they love. For others, the prospect of facing yet another day or sleepless night of pain, tingling numbness and burning is terrifying.

You just don’t know what to do!

Recently, even major medication trials have been stopped because of poor neuropathy treatment results.

That is just why we publish our series of articles talking in detail about some real solutions to this huge problem.

But most importantly, always touching base with the real simple things you can do to help take charge of your health and improve the quality of your life no matter where you are right now.

If we can help you in any way, please post your comments or visit our growing Facebook family of friends where we’ll be sharing every day.

Neuropathy Warning: “Treat Your Body as a Temple, Not a Woodshed!”

Neuropathy Warning: “Treat Your Body as a Temple, Not a Woodshed!”


Like many of life’s disruptions, neuropathy is a wake up call.

This is one of my favorite all time quotes from one of my first mentors, Jim Rohn. Jim is no longer of this world, but his words ring truer than ever. Jim was a powerful personal and business development expert, who was taught early in life that all of us need to study nutrition, along with the other the basic essentials of what makes us tick as human beings.

Like many of life’s disruptions, neuropathy is a wake up call. And it’s always an uninvited guest. But there are now many things we do know that you can use to help yourself. And one of these is to master how your body responds to better neuropathy care, just like your car!

Neuropathy is a disruption of our internal “machinery”. In our youth, we take so much for granted, as we accumulate miles, just like an older car we need more attention, expense, and yes, even better fuel.

You see, neuropathy is often a breakdown in the individual nerve cells that get overwhelmed or fail to recover from insults.

Now this could be anything from an accident to accompanying diseases. Maybe your family history and your genes paly a role too.

Good neuropathy care involves giving your body the best possible chance of recovery. And a huge part of that can be just by starting a nutrition “recovery” program. Too often though, we tend to be overwhelmed or confused when it comes to neuropathy nutrition.

Do you need a special diet? In a word, yes!

Use Neuropathy Treatment Tools Like Journaling for 7 days...

So how do we begin? I suggest that neuropathy patients begin with conscious eating. What this means is for 7 days, starting today, you log everything that goes into your mouth. And I mean gum, candy, cigars or whatever on a daily basis.

Be strict about this for one week. Then you can begin the path to better neuropathy results by better nutrition.

Once you have the basics, then we can work your game plan together for outstanding neuropathy treatment results!


Help Us Help You Beat Neuropathy!

Help Us Help You Beat Neuropathy!

Help Us Help You Beat Neuropathy!

Wow, what a week it’s been in the neuropathy treatment clinic! We’ve taken in several new cases this week. Post-surgical neuropathy, diabetes and chemotherapy. We also have had our youngest cancer patient ever come in.

In fact, we just finished treating another post chemotherapy patient, 50-60% better after just 5 weeks in the Norwell clinic.

In addition to being very happy, with her progress, and just 4 days after she completed a 3 hr benefit walk, Laura said we are “…the most comfortable Dr.s Office I’ve ever visited!” Keep in mind, 6 weeks ago, Laura had difficulty even walking normally!

On the flip side though, we have had over 30 patients around the USA and Canada in the last 4 days contact us, because there are no NeuropathyDR® clinics available to help them locally.

My wife Patti saw these come in to my desk and said “John, why don’t you ask your on-line friends to recommend THEIR favorite doctors and physical therapists to YOU, and see if they would like to become the NeuropathyDR Treatment Center in their area?”

Finally, a Neuropathy Treatment System that works!

What a really good idea that is! So now, we are asking you to help yourself and other professionals who may be reading this.

You know as a reader, our neuropathy treatment systems are unique, relying very much on the skill and training of our highly respected clinicians. And we often get results where others fail.

This is because we only let the most qualified clinicians join our team.

A big part of our rapid growth at NeuropathyDR has come with the iPhone®/ipad app, and our Facebook community. Patient’s call and private message us all the time looking for competent, caring neuropathy treatment professionals.

Peripheral neuropathy is not a problem with quick, easy answers. And its difficult work, even on easy days. But if you have been fortunate enough to encounter a great doc or therapist willing to expand their horizons and do what we do, I invite you to have them call us at 781-754-0599  24/7

Tell us who’s your favorite health care provider and why below, or  over here on Facebook

Enjoy your day!



Neuropathy and Me Time

Neuropathy and Me Time

Me Time

Distraction seems to be the ruling force behind your day. Cell phones, computer, instant email, chats and text messaging. Now add to the mix a packed calendar with events others have seemingly filled for you.

Then there are kids, pets, and parents. Maybe a very needy family member. Doctor’s visits. Errands. The Car.

Actually, your list may be a whole lot bigger.

Before you know it, months and years start screaming by. This year is just about at the half way mark. Has everything you looked forward to on New Years Eve happened, or are they at least in progress?

What do YOU think about First Thing In The Morning?

Well, like most people this chronic sense of time crunch sets the stage for less health, not more. This behavior can make dealing with neuropathy or any illness much harder than it needs to be.

One of the first things we do in successful neuropathy treatments is ask patients to commit to better self-care. Why? Because we know from experience in hundreds of cases when neuropathy patients invest more time in them, the end result is less pain, more energy, and deeper personal resources to pull from.

But how can we do this? Where do we begin?

It all starts with quiet time, first thing every day. This means no computers, tablets or phones. Meditation, prayer or simply sitting quietly with a note pad. And if you really want to have the best chance of beating your health problems including the pain of neuropathy, you’ll do exactly the same thing at night.

You see, surveys tell us that as a world, we are no longer disconnecting. We simply will tend to let other peoples demands pull on us without a break. Worse yet, people now let their phones and “friends” rather than their inner voices or spirit guide them.

Don’t let this be you. Shut off the TV, phone and computers at least an hour before bed. Spend the first part of your day on the “Me” list.

So, what are YOU going to do to make this a healthier day?

Take 2 minutes with Mal Duane and I in this recent clip from “Beating Neuropathy and Chronic Pain”

Alternative Therapies for Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Alternative Therapies for Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy


Alternative Therapies for Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy, you know what the side effects can be.  Most side effects are well known, even to the person who has never experienced them.

–       Nausea

–       Hair Loss

–       Digestive problems

Another less widely discussed side effect is chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN).

It’s virtually impossible to predict which chemotherapy patients will develop chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.  Some never do.  Others suffer terribly with symptoms like[1]

–       Shooting pain

–       Burning and numbness

–       Tingling in the hands and feet

–       Inability to sleep because of the pain

For many, their symptoms last well beyond their chemotherapy.

If you suffer from CIPN, there are drugs that can be prescribed to help deal with the pain.  If you want to be even more proactive and do everything you can to alleviate your current symptoms and lessen the possibility of permanent nerve damage, you might want to check into additional, alternative therapies to help you deal with the chemotherapy induced neuropathy symptoms.

What Else Can You Do?

While many think of anything outside of conventional medicine as “alternative”, that’s really not accurate.  Alternative treatments are defined as anything not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  The treatments we’re talking about here are more complementary or integrative therapies.  In other words, they’re therapies you use in addition to and to complement traditional medicine, not take the place of it.

Because of the growing popularity (and effectiveness) of these complementary and integrative therapies, the medical community has actually named them – Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Some complementary and alternative therapies providing good results for chemotherapy induced chemotherapy patients are:

–       Cancer treatment specific diets

–       Herbal supplements

–       Non-herbal supplements (like Vitamins B6 and B12, alpha lipoic acid)

–       Acupuncture

–       Massage therapy and Reflexology

The NeuropathyDR Protocol is Based Upon Combination Therapies

–       Exercise

–       Homeopathic and ayurvedic medicine

Any of these therapies, in the hands of skilled practitioner, is a great complement to your chemotherapy and other cancer treatment and can provide substantial relief from chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy pain[2].

Talk to Your Oncologist

Before you start any Complementary and Alternative Medicine regimen, talk to your oncologist.  Make sure that what you’re planning to do will not have an adverse effect on your chemotherapy regimen (some antioxidants do).  Always keep your oncologist in the loop on what you’re doing to complement your chemotherapy regimen.

Many of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine regimens we mentioned above will help you deal with and even alleviate some of your chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

The body is a finely tuned instrument and all the systems work together.  Massage therapy, acupuncture and Reflexology can help with muscle pain and stimulate the systems within your body you need to fight your cancer.

Herbal and non-herbal supplements can help give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs to repair itself and eliminate the possibility of permanent nerve damage caused by your chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.

Your Treatment Specialists Need to Get Acquainted

None of the medical specialties you employ to help you fight your cancer and treat your chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy operates in a vacuum.  They all need to know what the others are doing.

Luckily, most oncologists these days are familiar with the Complementary and Alternative Therapies chemotherapy patients are turning to for relief from the chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy symptoms.  Make sure your treaters are communicating with each other.  That will help them help you and design an effective treatment program that will get you the optimum results you deserve.

For more information on complementary and alternative therapies to deal with your chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy symptoms, get your Free E-Book and subscription to the Weekly Ezine “Beating Neuropathy” at




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