The NeuropathyDR Diet and Chronic Pain Reduction Guide

How Do You Keep What You’re Eating From Eating You?   The key is beginning and staying with the NeuropathyDR Diet & Lifestyle! The most common nutrition question we get when patients begin to understand the impact their diet has on overall health is “What do I eat, and when?” So, what I’m doing today…

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“My blood sugar is just a little off–that can’t cause Neuropathy.”

“Doctor, my blood sugar is just a little off–that can’t cause Neuropathy…”

Unfortunately, the reverse is probably true.

Here is reality: Aggressive treatment of both metabolic syndrome and diabetes can lessen the progression and the severity of one of the most common forms of peripheral neuropathy. 

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The Connection Between Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetic Neuropathy

Years ago, we called it pre-diabetes. Lately, the common term is Syndrome X. No matter what name we give it, metabolic syndrome is a potentially devastating diagnosis. I would go so far as to say that metabolic syndrome is the number one most dangerous medical condition challenging our society today. That’s because so many people…

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Neuropathy and Fructose

Neuropathy and Fructose Much has been written about consuming processed foods and drinks laced with the sugar known as fructose.  But why is this simple product, which is often times billed as all natural food or sweetner such a troublemaker? Mainly because fructose does not “burn” like other sugars. In fact fructose is only about…

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Neuropathy Treatment Challenge

Neuropathy Treatment Challenge As you probably know actually working with and effectively treating neuropathy can be extraordinarily challenging. Neuropathy is almost never an isolated symptom. Very rarely does it occur just by itself. It is so often the result of many different causes and other conditions. Fortunately, the most common cause is correctable. As you…

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Why Is Neuropathy Treatment Difficult?

There’s also one major misconception that hampers neuropathy treatment for many and this misunderstanding that Neuropathy is actually one condition.

Nothing, and I mean nothing can be further from the truth. You see neuropathy rarely occurs without cause. Sometimes the known causes are due to chemotherapy, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, and such things as liver and kidney disease.

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