“A Comparison of the Clinical Effectiveness of Specific Neurostimulation and Photobiomodulation Modalities with Therapeutic Nutrition in the Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy”


John Hayes Jr1,2, Shannon Boyce1 and Nicholas A Kerna3*
1NeuropathyDR®, USA
2University of Science, Arts and Technology, Montserrat, USA
3SMC–Medical Research, Thailand
*Corresponding Author: Nicholas A Kerna, POB47 Phatphong, Suriwongse Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10500.
Received: April 19, 2020; Published: May 13, 2020

Abstract: Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a severe condition with numerous comorbidities. Approximately 4% of adults and the elderly develop polyneuropathy of various etiologies. The incidence of PN likely increases with age and multiple facets of declining health. Many pharmacological agents are inadequate in treating PN, and some have significant side effects. Thus, other treatment options, methods, and modalities to treat PN should be advanced and explored. This retrospective study reports a comparison of the clinical effectiveness of specific neurostimulation and photomodulation (low-level laser therapy) modalities with therapeutic nutrition in the treatment of the symptoms of PN. Most participants reported some level of symptom relief with each of the treatment components, while neurostimulation provided nearly universal relief of all PN symptoms in the participants surveyed.

Keywords: Low-Level Laser; Neurostimulation; Peripheral Neuropathy; Photobiomodulation; Therapeutic Nutrition

John Hayes, Jr., MD is co-founder of NeuropathyDR® and co-designer of the NDGen® neurostimulator used in this study. Sources of sup- port for the work: self-funded by NeuropathyDR®. Shannon Boyce, J.D. acknowledges a proprietary interest in the NDGen® neurostimula- tor used in this study. Nicholas A. Kerna, PhD, MD, MPH, DNBCE, declares that his contribution to this paper was written in the absence of any commercial or financial relationship that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.


The NDGen® neurostimilator is an advanced FDA-approved electrotherapy neurostimulator that combines adjustable waveforms (shape, pulse width, and duration) with unique physician-determined programming. It is wearable, portable, and utilizable for both neuropathic pain control and neuropathy treatment. The development of the NDGen® neurostimulator was the result of research findings and best practices in electrotherapy as well as multi-treatment clinical testing and reporting [23,24]. The NDGen® neurostimilator was co-designed by John Hayes, Jr., MD of the United States.


The NeuropathyDR® Nutrition Plan is a carbohydrate-controlled plant-based [20], low-allergenicity diet combined with broad-spectrum and neurotropic-targeted oral and topical nutrient supplementation.

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