Treating Neuropathy & Many Forms of Chronic Pain With Comprehensive Care

The earlier you can be guided to properly implement a comprehensive neuropathy or pain care plan, the better your recovery and long term prognosis. In our experience, all the conservative methods we have studied (NDGen Neurostim, Low Level Laser, guided laboratory & diagnostic tests and finally a personalized care plan should be implemented under professional guidance ASAP. Invasive procedures should be an absolute last resort.

This is exactly what our clinicians are trained to do by using all the doctors training, tools and components we pioneered and manufacture for usage world-wide.

Study Shows That Neuropathy, Chronic Pain Costs Billions of Dollars a Year in U.S. Alone…

“More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain at a cost of around $600 billion a year in medical treatments and lost productivity, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM). “We see that for many patients chronic pain becomes a disease in its own right,” committee chair Phillip Pizzo, MD, of Stanford University School of Medicine, said… “We need to address this in a more comprehensive and interdisciplinary way and include prevention as a very important goal.”
-Web MD Health News, Salynn Boyles

If You or someone you love is suffering, please read on…

Unfortunately most approaches in our society and treatments ignore much of your well-being…

Drug only care often fails or creates potentially dangerous side effects and sometimes other illnesses. So despite extensive prescriptions, injections and traditional “therapy” too often the misery and sleepless nights continue.

Stopping the cycle of chronic pain whether due to injury, arthritis or neuropathy (nerve damage) requires a very comprehensive treatment plan.

Treating you effectively requires a compassionate team of health care professionals that specialize and carefully examine all facets of your history, and then identify correctable causes and possible solutions.

Most importantly along with professional treatment and guidance you must institute a Permanent Self-Directed Strategy. Please let us help you too with all of this.

We Go The Extra Mile For You

Working with a licensed NeuropathyDR® either clinician in person or via Telemedicine allows us to formulate a unique plan for you. We will use all our experience and systems to develop personalized care plans that help you avoid the stress than can make a bad medical situation even worse.

 Key Steps in Nerve Protection/Repair

Our most recent study demonstrated that combinations of our unique treatment components are showing great promise in helping neuropathy, shingles and other chronic pain patients return to a far better life, without the long term debilitating effects of of chronic pain.

Want To Speak With A Doctor?

You may call the main office 24/7 (781-659-7989) and request more information about our services and treatment systems. You may also call for a free, brief “analysis” with one of our Doctors by phone on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at 12:30 PM EST.