Self diagnosis is a dangerous game more and more have engaged in, especially in certain on-line groups and forums. In some ways, the Internet has been a blessing in terms of the availability of medical information. This can be helpful if you suspect that you have a cold, or a mild skin rash, or poison ivy.

Where it’s not helpful, and may be very harmful indeed, is when you rely entirely on the Internet for self-diagnosis of serious health concerns.

This of course is related to many disorders —including heart disease, abdominal pain, diabetic neuropathy and so much more.

When we attempt to self-diagnose and self-treat these conditions, we are often preventing a truly helpful evaluation by a trained physician that could potentially prevent additional damage and substantially improve our quality of life

We’ve talked to so many patients who delayed seeing a physician because they wanted to save money. They inevitably tell us that they regret the wasted time and the long-term expense caused by increased damage and all that it entails.

Talking to a physician now is easier than anytime in the past due to the growth of Telemedicine appointments and virtual care to get you started.

When you are dealing with pain and especially neuropathy related to diabetes, chemotherapy treatment, and other serious conditions, it’s so important to think long-term. Neuropathy isn’t just an annoying side effect. It is a degenerative condition that will get worse over time and often complicates other health concerns.

You may have learned that self-reliance and “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” is a good thing. In the case of many symptoms however, the worst thing you can do is spend time on-line trying to diagnosis and treat yourself.

When we say that self-treatment and home care is important, we’re referring to lifestyle elements and home care systems. Those which can be supported by us that complement the medical therapies recommended for you by your physicians obviously are best.

Self-treatment is an important component of  treatment, AFTER a clinical diagnosis. Anything else is just a delaying tactic—one that could severely impact your health, not just today but years from now.


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