NeuropathyDR Reception Room

Get The Support System You Deserve From The Comfort of Your Home FREE for Our Self-Guided Care Kit Owners

Every day, we correspond with thousands of patients and their families around the world in our offices and via the social media.

I hear about your frustrations in trying to learn EFFECTIVE care for Neuropathy and related forms of Chronic Pain like Shingles and Fibromyalgia to name only two.

I sense your frustration about what you really should be DOING to actually create a healing environment for your body, and yes your life!

I hear from patients just like you all the time who say:

I could SCREAM!

“I just paid over one hundred dollars at my doctors visit for MORE stress and NOTHING in meaningful help! I had to fight traffic and I waited freezing in a gown for over an hour!”

So, You asked me for SOMEWHERE you could actually go to REALLY LEARN effective treatment options and self-care OR to just hang out when you need help the most.

Well, Now you CAN! Reception Room Members Only
COULD be your pathway back to better health!

You see, Reception Room is all about you! It gives you the “ME” Time you have told me you so desperately need, the time AND space to share your thoughts and concerns.

And this is a SECRET group, so the whole world & everybody on Facebook won’t know about it!

So, How Does Reception Room Members Only Work?

You’ll get the guidance on how to best accomplish self guided care kit success and personally ask your questions to Our Team of Clinicians.


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You can access Reception Room Members Only 24/7 from your phone, computer or tablet!

This  group is administered by clinical/support staff.

Let’s Get Started!