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Every day, we correspond with thousands of patients and their families around the world in our offices and via the social media. I hear about your frustrations in trying to learn EFFECTIVE care for Neuropathy and related forms of Chronic Pain like Shingles and Fibromyalgia.

We understand your frustration about what you really should be DOING every day to get the maximum benefit from our physicians and services and actually create a healing environment for your body, and yes your life!


This is a free Membership hosted on a private, secure website (NOT a FB Group!!!).

This is available to all who purchase and use our products and services.

There are support documents and videos about how to get the most benefit from our treatment systems, the support products plus a place to ask questions away from social media!

You can access Reception Room Members Only from your phone, computer or tablet! This group is administered by clinical/support staff.

Reception Room Members also receive 10% off future product purchases!

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