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Join Us in Helping the Millions of Peripheral Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Sufferers

Patients in your community may be searching this web site right now in hopes of finding a qualified professional to help them gain relief from these debilitating conditions. If you become a member of the nationwide NeuropathyDR Clinical Network you’ll receive referrals from these people and have the opportunity to use proven techniques and products that have already helped thousands of people.

Everything You’ll Need

Affiliated clinicians receive all the support they need to give their patients the benefits of years of research conducted by Dr. John Hayes into tools, techniques, therapies, medications and dietary supplements. Dr. Hayes will share the protocols that have worked best with his patients on a wide range of Neuropathy and Chronic Pain issues, plus consumer education materials to help keep your patients informed and motivated.


Watch and listen as Dr. John Hayes reviews the different kinds of lab tests Neuropathy patients may need, depending on their histories and symptom patterns…


“I was frustrated for years because I couldn’t help most patients who came in with Peripheral Neuropathy or Chronic Pain, but now I’m seeing excellent results with newly developed therapeutic programs that we customize to the needs of each patient. I want you to have the opportunity to help your suffering patients, too.”

— John Hayes, Jr., DC, MS, DABCO


diana“As a physical therapist in private practice and a NeuropathyDR specialist for 3 years, I have seen tremendous growth in my practice as much as 40% last year alone. Prior to becoming a Neuropathy Specialist, I was struggling, working long hours and had no life. This specialty practice has made an enormous impact on my life and growth of my practice.

Dr. Hayes has given me the marketing tools, support and confidence to build my practice. This weekend alone has given me additional information to take home with me for my patients. There are over 22 million people who need us that suffer with chronic pain and PN. I encourage all clinicians if you are looking for a specialty practice to consider NeuropathyDR.”

— Diana Singer, PT – Paramus, NJ


Join our Clinical Network And Build A World-Class Neuropathy Practice That Patients Trust For Solutions While Ending The War On Chronic Pain

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