The Most Advanced, Personalized Care for Peripheral Neuropathy & Chronic Pain

If you are seeking effective and lasting improvement for your most challenging chronic pain & neuropathy patients, the new skill sets using our research-based treatment protocol combined with a proven business system let's you provide truly effective care for many suffering from neuropathy, pain & related chronic illnesses, read on.

Since 2008, we have been treating peripheral neuropathy and related pain patients with uncommon and lasting improvements wherever possible.

In 2020 our landmark research study using our trademarked devices and treatment systems were published in EC Neurology. Our related research continues to expand.

Indeed, it is this emphasis that sets us apart...

Our results were first published in the bestselling book “Beating Neuropathy”. Only our Licensed NeuropathyDR Private Practices can provide our proprietary systems and protocols for what is clearly an extraordinary group of patients to work with.

We also host the largest on-line neuropathy related social-media and patient network in existence to help connect them with you.

If you really want to help these special patients, read on…

NeuropathyDR® is the physician owned company dedicated to research-based treatments for those who suffer neuropathy and their underlying issues.

Our mission is helping you be the absolute best you can be while filling a void so many patients need.

NeuropathyDR® Licensing comes complete with everything you need to begin and expand your specialty practice.

Our practices have reported exceptional patient results including better sleep, pain control with fewer meds and side effects, all the while changing lifestyles and behaviors for long-term results and maximum patient independence.

We’ll begin by training your chosen practice team members and promote your licensed ND Treatment Center on our vast network, provide extensive on and offline support PLUS you'll gain access to our unique supplies and equipment.

Done For you…We will assist your patients through a special privately hosted membership group (free to your patients) loaded with training videos and documents and further help each patient with continued education, lifestyle training & follow-up.

We'll even feature you and your practice on our extensive Social & Media Networks!

You'll receive all the above for just $297/mo. with optional personalized services available.

All you need to do is leave your contact information by clicking HERE. Once we have validated your information (usually just several hours) we send all qualified applicants everything you'll need to get started.

Clinical Training & Tested Systems


  • Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Tx video & webinar training.
  • Licensed ND Trademarked products, systems and equipment.
  • Clinician and Staff On-Line 24/7 Training and Membership Q&A Support.
  • Exclusive Access to Advanced Pain Management Equipment & Patient Care products.


Practice Development Solutions


  • Private Client Mentoring & Coaching
  • Advanced Clinical Training and Research Based System Implementation
  • 24/7 Self-Paced Web Based Training

*Want To Be The Only NeuropathyDR® Licensed Treatment Center in Your Community – With Territory Exclusivity?

If you’re ready and qualified to take on the Peripheral Neuropathy and Specialty Pain Management needs of your whole community, you can lock out the competition with the optional NeuropathyDR® Territory Exclusive License.

When you have an exclusive license, no other physician or therapist will be allowed to join NeuropathyDR within your geographic area.

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