Enter you.

The DPC or private physician who wants not only more effective and lasting change for your patients, but more satisfaction, income, and reward by adding this unique specialty care into your private practice.

The new skill sets and our research based treatment protocols including NeuropathyDR® trademarked equipment and product lines combined with private practice business systems that let you provide truly effective care for many suffering from neuropathy, pain & chronic illnesses.

We’ll coach you at your own pace using our exclusive clinical tools and treatment systems providing lasting solutions so many patients and physicians alike are demanding!

Clinical Training & Tested Systems-

  • Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Tx video & webinar training.
  • Licensed ND Trademarked products, systems and equipment.
  • Clinician and Staff On-Line 24/7 Training and Membership Q&A Support.
  • Exclusive Access to Advanced Pain Management Equipment & Patient Care products.

    Practice Development Solutions

  • Private Client Mentoring & Coaching
  • Advanced Clinical Training and Research Based System Implementation
  • 24/7 Self-Paced Web Based Training

*Want To Be The Only NeuropathyDR® Licensed Treatment Center in Your Community – With Territory Exclusivity?

If you’re ready and qualified to take on the Peripheral Neuropathy and Specialty Pain Management needs of your whole community, you can lock out the competition with the optional NeuropathyDR® Territory Exclusive License.

When you have an exclusive license, no other physician or therapist will be allowed to join NeuropathyDR within your geographic area.

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