Norwell Practice

Dear Patients and Friends,

It’s almost Spring! The longer, warmer days seem to naturally make everyone feel better!

Unfortunately, every Winter too many of us neglect our health and fitness programs, seemingly waiting for the “good weather”, sort of like winter hibernation. Heck, even my cats get sluggish. But, with suddenly increased activity in the first days of Spring too many end up quite sore, or in some cases seriously injured from more aggressive activity. Really, this is a pattern I have watched for years. The best advice I have is, just like your mother taught you, everything in moderation. If you are like me though, the word has various interpretations, and herein lays the trouble.

You know, even despite all our carping about our good health habits today, many of us actually take better care of our cars and homes than our own bodies. And in case you haven’t noticed, it gets more challenging, as we move every year further from youth, into what I call the High Maintenance period of life.

So we hope, if you too have been hibernating, that you shake off the Winter doldrums, and shape up for Spring! Let us help.

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