So often in the clinic we get to meet and care for people who are, or have been, seriously ill for quite some time. Sometimes they are in the middle of dealing with an illness, sometimes recovering and getting their lives “back on track”.

Neuropathy patients frequently ask me “What’s the fastest way to get better Dr Hayes?”

And what I have found is this: simply establish a state or feeling of Control. On a regular basis. Now this can be moment to moment in crisis. But I can tell you that those neuropathy patients that make this part of their daily routine get better faster, sleep better, worry much less, and generally regain that crucial sense of being in control.

Now of course much of what we face in illness is seemingly random. But recovering, just like dealing with problems in any area of life, is about taking control of what we can, and releasing or letting go what we cannot.

But how do we do that?

It can seem to be overwhelming! What I have found to be very helpful for my patients and also myself of course is meditation.

I once had the opportunity to interview Mal Duane, the bestselling author of “The Alpha Chick”. Mal and I talked for some time about regaining a sense of control as it applies to dealing with chronic pain.

You can listen and watch a brief clip of that wonderful interview here too:

Dr. John Hayes, Jr. and Mal Duane Discuss Illness Behaviors and Recovery

You see, too often in our crazy world we forget that our answers come from solitude. From doing less, not more! Now this can be relaxation, exercise, and hobbies too.

For instance, meditation can put you in contact with your deep inner reserves that can help you beat neuropathy and vastly improve the condition of your health.

Some of our next articles will focus on meditation and your pain and neuropathy treatment success.

Let us know if you find this discussion helpful, as you are the reason we do what we do!

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