I Beat Neuropathy: Getting Your Life Back on Track!

by Dr. John Hayes, Jr.

Many patients tell us this book TOTALLY changes the way they look at their body, and how they care for themselves in sickness AND health!

I Beat Neuropathy was written to be an “owners manual” of sorts for patients and their loved ones who suffer from peripheral neuropathy and other forms of chronic pain like shingles, cancer and long standing injuries. It’s full of lifestyle and DO IT FOR YOURSELF¬†recovery and home treatment tools. But there is way more to the story.

When I first got the idea to write Beating Neuropathy (my first book while walking the streets of Nantucket), I had no idea it would become a best seller. But what I did know is that it would be neuropathy patients who would propel change and awareness and not necessarily professionals.

You see neuropathy is not a one size fits all disorder. Some cases are extraordinarily complex, and often difficult to treat. Fortunately, it is now easier for us to treat and manage more patients, some exclusively with good self-guided care programs armed with the knowledge we have gained in our clinics.

But the most exciting thing right now is almost always we are able to improve our patient’s quality of life, often dramatically and quickly.

Let “I Beat Neuropathy” be your guide too!

I Beat Neuropathy! Getting Your Life Back On Track

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