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If you have been subscribing to and reading
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my work with electro-therapy in neuropathy, fibromyalgia
and MANY forms of Chronic pain.

And now many of our famous home care kits allow people like yourself do everything possible to improve their quality
of life
powerful medications and their side effects.

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Get Dr. Hayes
Specially Recorded Home Care How To Instructions

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NDGen uses An ADVANCED FDA Approved multi-mode
stimulator  that combines enhanced TENS,
EMS, Interferential, and

It is a DUAL channel device and includes the
function of
ADVANCED TENS modes with
as well as an
Interferential device with sine wave
technology, and a
very state-of-the-art Microcurrent mode.

>>>TENS, which simply stands for
(applied to the skin) Electric Nerve

Just like Cars come in hundreds of
so does TENS! -different shapes,
sizes and key parts and functions!
…and just like
cars some units out there contain 
outdated technology and over-hyped promises
with unsubstantiated claims...

But ours and our unique applications are tested in our clinics and homes of hundreds of patients EVERYDAY!

Well, here’s the truth: Our unit operates on
an ultra sleek,
high capacity lithium ion battery which allows
you to use the
kit without being tethered to the wall with
long battery runs on the TENS/ EMS and Micro modes. The charging system and universal lead wires
So you are never replacing batteries! There is also no reason to lug
basins of water or use any gooey gels or sticky, smelly



Compared to Other
Neurostim Kits!  

Every Kit Ordered By Midnight TONIGHT
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you a thermal fleece blanket for extra warmth during home
and  zippered canvas bag and case!

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Dr John


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