Laser therapy, now known as Photo-Bio-Modulation (PBM) has been part of our treatment protocols both in-clinic using THOR Systems and at home using systems built for us by Spectra Therapy...

Both have immensely powerful roles allowing us to custom tailor treatments based upon our patients clinical and personalized needs. There is no substitute for these treatments especially when specifically designed around your unique needs in-clinic.

Real long term results for our patients however have been achieved using a combination of treatment systems yield the best results in peripheral neuropathy, as brought to light on our 2020 research study published in EC Neurology. 

The Spectra Therapy systems we use for home care adjuncts have helped patients achieve very positive outcomes.This also allows you to maintain excellent self care at home and even can be worn to bed as so many of our patients do. In our initial research study, patients using this as part of our treatment system often had superior results. There are two modes, one used overnight, and the other during the day. Diabetics and others have also used these in help in the healing of foot ulcers and other wounds. Numerous delivery systems are available ranging from Neuropathy to Orthopedic, Shoulder, Knee, Hip and even Spine applications!


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