If you have been following the NeuropathyDR Diet, you are likely getting plenty of inositol from nuts and plants.

Inositol is kind of an interesting nutrient; 20 plus years ago, I actually used it to treat diabetic neuropathy. In jus a little bit, you’ll understand why.

healthyveges 300x300 Inositol and Neuropathy   Learn About Another Former VitaminInositol was once considered a vitamin, or a substance we must get from our diet. Well, modern chemistry unraveled that most of us can produce enough in our own bodies.

We actually synthesize this carbohydrate, mainly in healthy kidneys, from glucose, a simple sugar. From here, certain forms of inositol help form key molecules, or building blocks neuropathy patients need to know about.

Inositol is important in helping us break down fats and reduce cholesterol.

It also positively affects the impact of insulin on key cells, hence its role in helping treatment along in diabetic neuropathy. Insulin is the hormone produced by our pancreas that normally allows us to control blood sugar levels, and store fat, among other things.

This also is why it can be helpful in PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, as it can enhance the function of insulin that is critical to those who suffer this disorder. It has also helped postmenopausal women with the abnormal lipid profiles common to metabolic syndrome and “dyslipidemia”, or elevated “bad” blood fats.

Because of inositol’s’ role in nerve and brain function, large dosages have been used to treat depression, and even bipolar disorder.

Now just because we can produce some inositol on our own does not mean we don’t need to look at dietary sources. The good news is if you have been following the NeuropathyDR Diet, you are likely getting plenty from nuts and plants.

Fruits can be relatively good sources too, but eating too much fruit is discouraged due to the high sugar content of some. Still, because there is a track record of this helping diabetic neuropathy and other patients, we’ll sometimes add additional amounts in dietary supplements.

This is just another example of why consuming a healthy diet and supplements can be critical—and GOOD medicine for many neuropathy and other patients!

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