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For the best results in relieving the painful and debilitating effects of Peripheral Neuropathy & Chronic Pain, we strongly recommend working with a NeuropathyDR Clinical Affiliate in person or via Telemedicine who can provide a thorough evaluation and create a treatment plan just for you.

However, since we understand that there may not be an affiliate located in your area yet, the NeuropathyDR team is proud to offer a wide range of treatment information and tools that can be helpful when used independently.


About Our Products

Our Exclusive Neuropathy & Pain Rx 3 Part System…available only here and in our Licensed treatment centers.

Part 1

The NDGen® is an advanced FDA-approved neurostimulator with proprietary programming unlike any other TENS device. It is wearable, portable and best of all programable for your unique pain and neuropathy relief. The most recent research study demonstrated almost universal relief in all patients using this system as designed.

This unit was designed by our team over an 18-month period time incorporating the latest unique to us features. You cannot buy this system anywhere else. Many patients now combine this with a our NDReGen™ wearable laser system for maximum treatment benefits.

Our high-capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery allows the user to use all functions with long battery runs. A manual, protective case, charging system and universal lead wires are all included!

You’ll also Get Specially Recorded Home Care How-To Instructions PLUS special access to our team of clinicians in Reception Room as well as a 10% discount for life on supplies and the other key components of our treatment system.

Part 2

Complete, metabolic support for nerve health, energy and recovery. Our unique formulas supply essential, balanced nutrients in precise combinations to enhance the effectiveness of our Neurostim and Laser Systems.

Part 3

ND*ReGen Creme is a soothing formula compounded in small batches just for us. A dab applied after NDGen Treatments can greatly enhance the effectiveness and results when treating neuropathy, shingles and other forms of nerve related pain.

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