What makes for good neuropathy treatment? It all comes down to efficiency and energy improvements of your nerves.

Last time, we spoke about the theory behind good neuropathy treatments and systems. In fact, our company NeuropathyDR has been a pioneer in this area.

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Neuropathy treatment programs require considerable attention to detail.

But what makes for good neuropathy treatment? It all comes down to efficiency and energy improvements of your nerves. You see, many forms of referral neuropathy develop when our nerve cells no longer function properly. We used to think the nerve cells simply die.

In some cases, like genetic disease, toxic chemicals, or severe injury, this is true. In these cases, neuropathy recovery is minimal or impossible. But the good news is, for many patients, nerve cells are not dead, but simply damaged, and may be nursed back to health.

But how do we do this? After very careful evaluation and oversight, and by treating using three simultaneous neuropathy treatment methods.

The first is improving energy efficiency (metabolism) with special diets, supplements, and correcting any underlying thyroid, diabetic, or other medical issues. These alone, in many cases, can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your neuropathy treatment. Likewise, if these are left uncorrected, any neuropathy treatment is likely to fail.

The second part is improving biomechanics or skeletal function.

Many times, adults suffer from conditions like arthritis, disc injuries and even old athletic injuries that impair motion, ultimately limiting circulation to vital tissues, including nerves. Improving overall circulation and muscle and joint function is critical to patients that suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

The third part is the direct application of energy-stimulating treatments. In the clinic, these can include laser therapy, LED light therapy, as well as various forms of manipulation, massage, nerve stimulation, and possibly even acupuncture.

But the key to good neuropathy treatment is making sure that everything that needs to be done is taken care of in precisely the right order, and time. It is also critical that home care treatment takes place and supports everything that takes place in the clinic.

As you can see, these treatment programs require considerable attention to detail.

In mild cases of peripheral neuropathy, lifestyle and dietary shifts with appropriate home care alone may facilitate recovery.

But in many cases, good neuropathy treatment is only possible with the assistance of a dedicated healthcare professional.

That is after all, why we are here.

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