One of the things that is very popular after the first of the year in many people are weight loss and exercise programs and even “detoxify” plans are right up top. New Year’s resolutions and intentions are made shortly after the holidays, and usually fizzle out by the middle of February. This is common behavior.

But there is part of this strategy you need to know that can be dangerous, especially if you have neuropathy, fibromyalgia or chronic pain. In particular, don’t put yourself at risk by consuming dietary shakes, or pills of the compounds which contain multiple combinations of herbs. The reality is the interaction of all these together is not well known at all. In fact, some are downright toxic.

We have seen a 20 year old patient develop peripheral neuropathy after consuming a “diet shake” just for a week. Impossible? No in fact, more and more patients are showing up in emergency rooms after consuming energy and diet drinks.

This is also one of the reasons that you will not find any herbal preparation in either the supplements or topical preparations we suggest and use in our clinic’s every day.

The reality is, with healthy daily living you’ll “detoxify” naturally every single day, and keep your weight off! For most patients, following the NeuropathyDR Diet, the carbohydrate control we advise by minimizing breads, pastas, rice, chips and so on, adding physical activity and exercise wherever possible can make an enormous difference in weight control.

One other thing, be honest with yourself! If you have diligently followed our diet especially following card control but still have difficulty with your weight then it’s possible there’s some other factors at work. These need to be identified and worked out often with lab tests and a diligent physical exam.

Stay away from “detox” and rapid weight-loss programs. Sometimes, these can really aggravate underlying neuropathy and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. The reason is some of the the so-called “detox programs” may actually “pull” potential toxins in from your body faster, resulting in higher concentrations and ultimately aggravating your condition.

Finally, it is a really good idea to warn your children of the dangers of consuming “diet and energy” drinks.


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