Like many neuropathies, patients with CMT suffer the loss of sensation for commonly afflicts the feet and legs.

CMT is more of those neuropathies that are the exception rather than the rule.

Relief from Neuropathy symptoms.

CMT for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease was named after three physicians from the UK back in the late 1800s. The good news is, we now know much more about CMT then it any other time in history.

CMT is a genetic neuropathy, meaning it is passed down from one generation to the next. There are several different manifestations. It can be inherited from either parent.

Like many neuropathies, patients with CMT suffer the loss of sensation for commonly afflicts the feet and legs as well as muscle weakness and atrophy or wasting of muscles.

CMT varies in both onset and progression. It is usually rather slow moving, and very rarely is it life threatening.

CMT is manifested because of changes which occur in the axons-the axons are the large nerve fibers which extend outward from each nerve cell. In CMT there are defects in myelin, which is the coating around the nerve, which is responsible for much of normal nerve health, and nerve signals.

Because this type of neuropathy involves abnormal genes, as well as significant weakness and muscle wasting is much more difficult to treat than the purely sensory neuropathy which we commonly see in diabetes and after chemotherapy.

However the good news is, we are very encouraged by positive changes we see when patients with motor neuropathies, use methods with which we treat those neuropathies which are more common.

Obviously, we cannot change the hand of God. But we strongly encourage each patient to explore whether or not for them, combinations of therapeutic nutrition, physical therapy, exercise, and regenerative therapies such as nerve stimulation and cold laser therapy may have on quality of life, and perhaps slowing the progression of the disease itself.

Again, it is too early to tell but our job, is to work individually and diligently with each and every patient who suffers from neuropathy.

And for that opportunity, we thank you!

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