Alcohol, Neuropathy and Chronic Pain

One of the most serious—but rarely discussed—conditions resulting from extended alcoholism is alcoholic neuropathy. One of the reasons for its being relatively obscure, aside from difficulties inherent in any discussion of substance abuse, is that much of the scientific evidence linking neuropathy and alcoholism is somewhat vague. Even so, medical science generally accepts that excessive use of alcohol can cause neuropathy.

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“My blood sugar is just a little off–that can’t cause Neuropathy.”

“Doctor, my blood sugar is just a little off–that can’t cause Neuropathy…”

Unfortunately, the reverse is probably true.

Here is reality: Aggressive treatment of both metabolic syndrome and diabetes can lessen the progression and the severity of one of the most common forms of peripheral neuropathy. 

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Neuropathy Foot Wear – Your Shoes Could Be Killing You

Have you been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy? Do you have peripheral neuropathy in your feet and/or legs? Has your doctor told you how important it is to take proper care of your feet? Now, for the $25,000 bonus question… Are you doing what your doctor tells you to do? Many patients with peripheral neuropathy don’t…

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