While searching for answers or treatment, vow to do everything you can TODAY to improve the quality of your health and well-being without “Analysis Paralysis”.

If you are reading this, no doubt you understand how difficult chronic pain and frustrating a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy can be. You probably know that many times it is impossible to identify precisely what causes a patient’s peripheral neuropathy. The same is true for many forms of chronic pain.

You should know this is very frustrating for your doctors as well. One of the things that’s the most frustrating for all of us is searching for a precise answer where none is liable to be found. Unfortunately, many cases of chronic pain including peripheral neuropathy are just like this.

So what happens is, both patients and clinicians will delay treating the patient. Now, sometimes this is a good idea— especially when it involves strong medications with powerful side effects and/or invasive tests or procedures. But what also happens is, while searching for a precise answer or treatment plan, constructive changes such as changes in health and behavior are neglected, and our patient’s suffering continues. This is “Analysis Paralysis”?

We suggest a better solution is to vow to do everything you possibly can to improve the quality of your health and well-being immediately. What we do know is that our behaviors have a profound impact upon the outcome of any disease, trauma, or health condition.

For example: could you become a little more fit, starting today? Are there other habits you have, like smoking cigarettes, or consuming too much alcohol, that you could change immediately? These could make a profound difference in how you feel a month from now. In fact, you may want to start with this free diet and lifestyle guide.

So, while it’s wonderful to have a single diagnosis, and all the answers, too often this is not possible.

This is why becoming more involved with your own health conditions goes a long way towards speeding you on your path back to health. But where do you begin? This is always the first question that patients pose.

The answer is, start with a list of things you could be doing different right now including picking up the phone and calling us today!

So don’t add “analysis paralysis” to your list of maladies. Instead, vow to take daily positive actions, however small they may seem.

*As frustrating as it may be at times, we encourage you to learn as much about your underlying condition and treatment options as possible. Even if it’s not 100% clear on what the underlying cause, the good news is proven strategies now exist for effectively treating many forms of  #pain & #neuropathy.

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