There are several things the neuropathy patient should introduce into their lifestyle.

Set aside time for yourself!

One of the most critical things we find with neuropathy treatment success is making sure that patients have dedicated times for appropriate self-care.

Initially, this comes as somewhat of a shock. It is unfortunate, but many of us do not have regular scheduled times for our own self-care, learning, and exercise.

Unfortunately, when struck by an illness like neuropathy, unless dedicated time is set aside every day to care for you progress is unlikely to be successful.

So what exactly, should neuropathy-healing times consist of?

In reality, there are several things the neuropathy patient should introduce into their lifestyle. One is rest and relaxation. This could include periods of meditation and prayer.

Also, time set aside to read, learn about lifestyle improvements, and the changes that we must make to help ourselves deal with the effects of neuropathy.

Most especially, one of the most profound discoveries is appropriate home care consisting of light exercise, stretching, massage, and also regular neurostimulation can help produce amazing improvements.

The reason for this is actually quite simple. You see, when our bodies are given all the necessary building blocks like rest and appropriate nutrition, healing can take place in many conditions.

Now it’s quite likely this will not be 100%. This is especially true in cases of genetic neuropathy, or underlying diseases that cannot be completely corrected.

Nonetheless, the most important thing to you and your NeuropathyDR clinician is to strive for, and then maintain, the highest quality of life that is possible for you!

This might be one of the most difficult things you have ever done– however, the rewards can be enormous!

To that end, we are here to support you with all the tools and lifestyle advice along your journey!

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